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    Your eco-friendly recyclers in Bungalow.
    Do you have non- ferrous scrap metal? 
    Cardboard, Paper, Glass or Plastics? 

    Being environment-friendly is very important these days, and being able to reuse and recycle is the most basic help that we can provide to mother nature. North Queensland Recycling Agents realizes this need that is why we are committed to be the number onerecycler in Bungalow. NQRA accepts cardboard, plastic, glass and paper recyclables from the public at our depot at no charge. 

    COMMERCIAL Cardboard

    120 tonnes of cardboard is collected each week from supermarkets, small businesses, shops and restaurants. We have a selection of cages available for commercial cardboard removal. From 1.1 cubic meter bins to 10 cubic meter cages, we can find a solution to suit your business. Our cages have lids and are collected on call. If you have large cardboard waste - and the room to put it - our 10 cubic meter bins are the best value cardboard collection service in CAIRNS!

    Non Ferrous Scrap Metal

    We purchase all non ferrous scrap metal.

    • Aluminium Cans
    • Copper
    • Brass
    • Aluminium
    • Stainless Steel
    • Radiators
    • Batteries
             - NQRA does not process or                            purchase any steel -
    north queensland recycling agents bags
    north queensland recycling agents non ferrous scrap metal


    We have a value packed office paper collection service.  We will provide your office with a 240 litre wheelie bin for your non confidential office paper, cardboard, magazines, manila folders, and white paper. Collections are done on call or as part of our scheduled weekly runs.  All paper is recycled. We press the paper into bales and send it to Amcor in Brisbane where it is recycled.

    NQRA offers confidential document destruction and hard drive destruction service.  A 240 litre wheelie bin can be locked at your business for your confidential material.  These bins are collected on call twice a week in a locked pantec vehicle, brought back to our premises where the bins are weighed and then shredded.  This shredded material goes to Amcor to be recycled into new paper. We guarantee confidentiality and a Certificate of Destruction is issued.

    north queensland recycling agents recycling office paper

    Help us preserve the planet! For a reliable, local recycling service in North Queensland,
    call our friendly team today at North Queensland Recycling Agents on

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