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    Cardboard, Office Paper, Confidential Documents & Commingled Recycling, Stainless Steel, Brass & Copper

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    North Queensland Recycling Agents is a locally owned family business which has been operating in Cairns for 20 years.

    We are committed to recycling and process about 180 tonnes of recycling each week.  This is made up of Cardboard, Office Paper, Non Ferrous Scrap Metal, Glass Bottles, Plastic Bottles, Aluminium Cans and Batteries.

    We Recycle

    • Aluminium Cans
    • Non-Ferrious Metals
    • Glass Bottles
    • Plastic Bottles
    • Office Paper
    • Computer paper
    • Cardboard
    • Document Shredding
    • Batteries

    Our Services

    • We collect cardboard from Supermarkets, Small Businesses, Shops, Restaurants and Clubs.
    • We offer a value packed Office Paper collection service.
    • We also have a Confidential Document and Hard Drive Destruction service.
    • We purchase Non Ferrous Scrap Metal.
    • Cardboard, Paper and Co-mingled recycling can be brought to our premises at any time.
    • We have a Co-mingled Recycling collection from Restaurants, Clubs and Hotels.
    • We sell new Wool Bales, Woven Poly Bags, Hessian Sand Bags and Rolls of Hessian.

    Help us preserve the planet! For a local, professional recycling service in North Queensland,
    call our experienced team today on 07 4051 6679 !

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